This is an authentic reading using actual cards chosen and laid out by hand (not computer-generated), so each reading is totally unique. I prefer to use the Elemental Tarot by John Astrop with illustrations by Caroline Smith, although I have many decks, which I occasionally use for additional information.

The Elemental Tarot by John Astrop with illustrations by Caroline Smith

I have worked with the Elemental Tarot deck for over twenty five years, and particularly like it as it is rich in ancient Egyptian symbolism. Each reading takes at least five hours to prepare, lay, read, and write up. I place the cards in the Egyptian Pyramid spread, which I devised myself. The cards represent the Four Elements: Earth (money and material possessions), Water (emotions and relationships), Air (thoughts), Fire (your creative will), Past, Present, Future, Influences For, Influences Against, and Probable Outcome. I have found that these cards will give a very accurate reading, especially if the person has a particular question on their mind. Unusually, I use two cards in each position, one from the Major Arcana, and one from the Minor Arcana. My original Tarot teacher, Angela Reeve, taught me to work this way, as it gives a deeper and more informative reading.



Pyramid Spread Sample Lay using the Elemental Tarot by John Astrop                                           with illustrations by Caroline Smith

Once I have made a psychic connection to you and laid out the cards, I will send Alkhemi®Therapy healing energy to you. I have worked with this energy for over 15 years now. It only ever works for your highest good and is used by your Infinite Self or Soul for whatever purpose it is most needed. Sending healing energy to you in this way helps me to establish and maintain a strong psychic link with you. You don't have to have a specific question in mind, however if you do have a particular issue, then I would ask you to sit quietly for at least ten minutes previous to the time of the reading and simply focus on the question. I don't need to know the question, but you will find that the answers are reflected in your reading.

I have found that a Tarot reading can be enhanced by using The SACRED STONES of Alkhemi®Therapy. Often I am drawn to hold a particular Therapy Stone during a reading. This will reflect your personality, or circumstances surrounding you at the present time. If this happens for you, I will record the details in your reading.

Your reading will be printed on recycled paper and sent to you in a beautiful recycled paper folder, handmade by a women's co-operative in India, within five days of payment being confirmed. It will be posted First Class. 

PLEASE NOTE: All my readings are carried out in a completely CONFIDENTIAL and PROFESSIONAL manner. I will NOT discuss your reading with anyone, and I will NOT pass on your email to anyone. If you would like to ask any questions before committing yourself to payment you can contact me at






Alkhemi®Therapy is a system of self-development and well-being created by Jacqui Taliesin El Masry over two decades using intuitive inquiry, shamanic journeying and academic research.

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