Sometimes in life we reach a point where we have lost our way. We feel confused, stuck, or even overwhelmed by the problems we face. At this point it can be helpful to step back and take an overall view. The Tarot is an excellent tool and guide that will help you to gain perspective and see things more clearly. It can offer options and insights that may not have occurred to you. A reading will help you to focus on your potential, creativity and resources, showing where your strengths lie at this time.

So how does a Tarot reading work, and how is it possible for me to read for you when I am not sitting next to you? Scientists tell us that at the base level of the universe, where reality is created (sometimes called the zero-point field), everything is made of exactly the same stuff: energy, and all energy is connected. By tuning into this level of existence, it is possible for me to pick up on the vibrational frequencies of your body-field (body and energy field) and the frequencies that are around you and influencing you. This is what is commonly known as a psychic connection. When I shuffle the cards and lay them out, it is your personality that is reflected. By using symbols, the Tarot by-passes my thinking mind and makes a connection to the wise, all-knowing, intuitive part of you (sometimes called the Eternal Self or Soul), that understands everything about you, and knows what is for your higher good. I am often assisted in making this connection by my true inner guide, Soleus. (If you are interested in getting to know your own true inner guide, I highly recommend "The Inner Guide Meditation" by Edwin C. Steinbrecher.) I also work with Egyptian deities.

It is very important that you feel completely comfortable with the person who is doing a reading for you, especially as you do not have the chance to meet them when the reading is done through the internet. For this reason I have included some illustrations of the cards that I use. Look at these, and browse through the photos on this website. If you feel unmoved, then in all honesty, try another reader, but if you feel drawn to these images, then go ahead and choose me. 


Cards of the Elemental Tarot: Major Arcana (left), Minor Arcana (right). 

                      The Elemental Tarot by John Astrop with illustrations by Caroline Smith  




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