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For millennia, certain stones have been credited with mystical and healing powers. They were used by ancient astrologers, diviners and priests, and were revered for their power and beauty. We know that crystals were used in ancient Egypt at least as early as 3000 BCE. Amulets and talismans were cut from agate, lapis lazuli, carnelian and turquoise. The history of the use of crystals is rich in legends and folklore. It has been speculated that the pyramids were capped with crystals to channel cosmic forces into centre of the geometric structures.                                    

Tutankhamun's pectoral showing the symbolic use of lapis, carnelian, turquoise, calcite and gold.

The first known reference to the healing powers of crystals comes from an Egyptian medical papyrus dated around 1600 BCE, which gives directions for their curative use. Beads of lapis lazuli, malachite and red jasper were worn around a sick person's neck so that the disease could pass through them and dissipate. The practice of placing or wearing stones on various areas of the body was not the only way that ancient healers used crystals. A popular method was to pulverise gems and mix them with liquid to make an elixir to drink. The elixirs used were often chosen for their colour - yellow beryl for jaundice, bloodstones for bleeding and lapis for the blue of restricted circulation. 


A close-up of King Tut's gold mask, showing the use of lapis lazuli around the eyes. This stone is associated with the Brow centre or Third Eye, and the ability to perceive intuitively.  

The colour of gems was particularly significant to ancient Egyptians. The red of jasper represented fire, life, and blood. The blue of lapis lazuli symbolised the heavens, while the green of malachite, serpentine and feldspar represented new growth and fertility. In a combination of crystal, colour and light therapy, certain temple windows were made of transparent coloured crystal. As sunlight shone through the window it would fill the room with coloured light, giving a beautiful colour therapy treatment.    

Around the world, over thousands of years, various healing and magical properties were attributed to different crystals and stones, but by the second half of the 18th century the new scientific world, with its growing sense of materialism, was pouring scorn on anything mystical. Gemstones were prized purely for their decorative and financial value. During the last thirty years there has been a revival of interest in the healing properties of crystals and semi-precious stones. Today many therapists are trained in crystal healing which can form a complete therapy, or be used in conjunction with other healing modalities.


Therapy Stones of the Nine Primary Energy Centres: (left to right) Clear Quartz/Star Centre; Gold (Crown Centre); Lapis Lazuli (Brow Centre); Turquoise (Throat Centre); Malachite (Heart Centre); Citrine (Solar Centre); Copper (Sacral Centre); Red Jasper (Root Centre); Obsidian (Earth Centre).




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