Foundation Level Home Studies Course


**PLEASE NOTE: The Alkhemi®Therapy Home Studies Course is NOT currently available as it is being fully revised. The course will be available online again once this has been completed. Thank you for your patience.**  

You can now learn Alkhemi®Therapy in the comfort of your own home! This is a fantastic opportunity to take the Foundation Level course in Alkhemi ®Therapy wherever and whenever you choose!

This distance learning course is ideal for anyone who cannot travel to courses, or for those who prefer to work alone and at their own pace. Any questions or issues can be discussed by telephone or email, and the inclusion of a short written/practical 'test' means that high standards can be maintained.

Completion of Alkhemi®First Gate (Foundation Level), whether undertaken online or in a class, is an essential prerequisite to Alkhemi®Therapy Second Gate (Practitioner Level). 

To view sample page from the Alkhemi®Therapy First Gate manual click here. 



Alkhemi®Therapy First Gate is divided into seven sections. The distant Empowerment Initiation Ceremony takes place between Sections 1 and 2.  

Section 1: presents the background to Alkhemi®Therapy and ancient Egyptian wisdom, gives guidance on establishing a daily spiritual practice, and prepares you for the Empowerment Initiation Ceremony.

Section 2: covers the human body-field and explains the science of energy healing.

Section 3: explains why mythology, invocation and symbolism are key features of Alkhemi Therapy, looks at the Earth (Geb), Root (Osiris), and Sacral (Anubis) centres [chakras].

Section 4: looks at the Solar (Ra) centre and Heart (Hathor) centres [chakras], with an extended section on the Heart centre because of its special role as the epicentre of the human body-field.

Section 5: looks at the Throat (Djehuti), Brow (Isis), Crown (Horus) and Star (Nut) centres [chakras].

Section 6: explains how to use the 15 symbols of Alkhemi Therapy First Gate.

Section 7: covers self-healing, seated treatment and a simple full-body treatment. 



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How the course works: 

Students work through the course one section at a time. With each section you'll receive a worksheet with 2 or 3 simple written or practical exercises. The tests are not difficult, and are not intended to be a test of creative writing skills. They are designed to help you integrate and embody the teachings, and demonstrate that you understand the key points. You may take as long as you need to complete each section, and you are welcome to discuss any points with me by email, or by telephone. The worksheets can be returned by email or post. 

Payment for Section 1 is made on the website here. [This link has been disabled until the course is available]. Once payment has been made you will receive an email with Section 1 and Worksheet 1. Each section is in the form of a pdf file, which you can be printed out if you wish. The seven sections build up to form your complete Alkhemi®Therapy First Gate Manual. 

Section 1 also contains instructions for the Empowerment Initiation CeremonyOnce you have completed and returned Worksheet 1, I will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time for the Ceremony to be performed. It's conducted "at a distance" but is just as powerful as when performed in person. I have found that students have a better experience if they participate in the Initiation, that is if they sit quietly and focus on receiving the energy. Ideally you would need around an hour for the whole Ceremony, which is performed by myself in a scared space in my home. This includes time to prepare yourself and your space - instructions for this are included in Section 1.

After the Empowerment Initiation Ceremony, I will email a Paypal invoice for the next section. Once the payment has been made, you will receive Section 2 and Worksheet 2 by email. The course continues in this way until Section 7. When these have been satisfactorily completed you will receive your certificate for Alkhemi®Therapy First Gate.


The course costs £20 per section (total £140),  

or £120 if the course is paid in full (saving £20equivalent to one FREE section).

For previous students the price is discounted by approximately one third.




Alkhemi®Therapy First Gate includes:

  • very comprehensive 200 page manual with full colour illustrations 
  • distant Empowerment Initiation Ceremony
  • any support you may need by email or telephone 
  • certificate 
  • continued support as it is needed  


Any questions?

Email or call 0(044) 772 599 1922