The ability to stay grounded and centered is an important skill for human beings if we are to function effectively in our physical existence.

Grounding means ensuring that our body-field, and therefore our consciousness, is safely locked into the energy field of the Earth. Being grounded in physical reality means that we are wholly "in" our body and fully attached to the natural world. Grounding gives direction and purpose to energy.

Centering is drawing our awareness from thoughts of past or future and focussing our attention in the present - the "here and now". This means that we are in a state of calm receptivity, and at any given moment able to draw on the full range of our talents, skills and abilities. When we're centered we are always in the present moment, where "being" and "action" have reality.

Being grounded and centered is experienced as a sensation of alignment, solidity, peace, confidence and security, with a mental quality of stillness and focus.

Lack of grounding and centering feels floaty, dreamy, spaced out or breathless, with a vague sense of being disconnected from our feelings. There can be a sensation of being dazed, disorientated or overwhelmed. We can appear nervous, even unstable with a lack of concentration and an inability to focus on the present.

Without grounding and centering we cannot be effective in daily life or attempt to fulfill our life purpose. Energy either dissipates quickly, or builds up to an intolerable level that may be expressed as restless discomfort or anger. Living a modern life takes up a lot of our mental and emotional capacity. When we mull over the past or worry about the future, our energy is "feeding" those situations instead of powering our body-field in the present moment, so the mental and emotional bodies are not aligned with the physical body. We have no "presence". Everyone notices a person who "has presence". Their energy is powerful and leaves a lasting impression, because their whole body-field is in alignment.

There are many traditional ways of grounding and centering ourselves: walking barefoot or walking in nature generally, hugging a tree, lying on the ground, smelling a handful of earth, eating, drinking water, holding stones or crystals, drumming, chanting, toning or clapping with your hands or clapsticks.

In Alkhemi®Therapy, the key to grounding and centering lies in the Central Energy Channel and three of the major energy centres: the Earth centre, the Heart centre and the Star centre. [see illustration below]

The Central Energy Channel connects the Earth centre (45cm beneath our feet) to the Star centre (45cm above the crown of our head). Through this channel, energy flows up from the Earth to meet energy flowing down from the Cosmos. There are seven more Primary Energy Centres located along its length.


  In Alkhemi®Therapy, the Central Energy Channel is symbolised by the Djed column [see left], which represents strength, stability and alignment.

.:. the Earth centre is associated with the Egyptian deity of the Earth, GEB. This centre is literally our anchor into the Earth. It acts like a two-way valve between our body-field and that of the Earth. Elemental Earth energies flow up to give form to our existence, and excess or unwanted energy flows down. It keeps all the other centres aligned with the Earth.

.:. the Heart centre, associated with the goddess HATHOR, is the epicentre of the whole human body-field. It is the seat of love and compassion, harmony and balance.

.:. the Star centre, associated with the goddess NUT (pronounced "Noot"), is our connection to the Cosmos and higher dimensions. It holds our sacred contracts and soul purpose.



The following exercises are a simple but effective method of grounding and centering. It is a good preparation for meditation or healing, and it makes an excellent start to the day when used as part of your spiritual practice. The first part, the Earthing Breath, is an effective way to quickly ground and anchor yourself, and is especially useful during stress or after shock. It can be practised as often as you need and will be an invaluable tool as you learn to consciously manage your energy.

The second part, the Centering Breath, places you right at the centre of your own Universe and powers up your body-field. 


PLEASE NOTE: During these exercises, if you are not in physical contact with the ground (for example in a high-rise building or in a plane), always anchor yourself right down into the centre of the Earth - not just into your own Earth centre. This is important because if you're not standing directly on the ground, your Earth centre is not in its optimal position - under the surface of the Earth. The greater your distance from the surface of the Earth, the greater the stress on your body-field!

Unlike physical Earthing (see Clint Ober's book on the subject), it's not necessary to be barefoot for these exercises to work. This makes them especially useful for times when physical earthing is more difficult, such as during the winter or when walking/standing on asphalt (tarmac) or on synthetic surfaces indoors.


The Earthing Breath: Stand or sit upright. Lengthen your spine by imagining a cord pulling you upwards from the crown of your head. Bring your awareness to your Heart centre. Take three natural, relaxed breaths. Focus on the breath as it enters your nostrils: cold air in, warm air out.

As you breathe out, move your focus down the Central Energy Channel to your Earth centre (about 45cm beneath your feet) or the centre of the actual Earth. Breathing in, bring the focus back up to your Heart centre.

Repeat as many times as you need until you feel fully grounded. Finish with your focus on your Heart centre.


The Centering Breath: (to be practised after the Earthing Breath) After the Earthing Breath, your focus should be at your Heart centre.

As you breathe out, move your focus down the Central Energy Channel to your Earth centre (about 45cm beneath your feet) or the centre of the actual Earth. Breathing in, bring your focus back up to your Heart centre, then continue up the Central Energy Channel to your Star centre (about 45cm above your head). Breathe out, down to your heart centre, continuing down the Central Energy Channel to your Earth centre or the centre of the actual Earth.

Breathe in, taking your awareness from the Earth centre all the way up through your Heart centre to your Star centre. Breathe out, taking your awareness down through the Heart centre and into your Earth centre or the centre of the actual Earth. Repeat twice more, or until you feel fully centred.

Complete the exercise with three rounds of the Earthing Breath to fully ground yourself. End with your focus on your Heart centre. Sit quietly for a few moments and notice how you feel.


The Grounding Breath and the Centering Breath can be practised at any time to help you feel centred and calm, and are especially useful during times of stress. Try them when: meditating; sitting; walking; lying down; in cars, trains, boats or planes; at work; during medical procedures (such as dental); waiting for appointments.....  

Used together in the morning they make a perfect start to your daily spiritual or well-being practice. Remember that the Earthing Breath always comes first. And if you only have time in your day to "do one thing", just do the Earthing Breath - and notice what a difference it makes to your day!



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