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Alkhemi® Charity Projects are inspired by my conviction that business should be about supporting and sustaining life - not just about endless growth and profit for a select few. It was my resolution even from the very beginning, that a percentage of the profits from my business would be given to help those less fortunate than myself. A while ago I was reading an article written by a friend of mine who runs an inspirational business. Kimberley Lovell is a women's spiritual coach and holistic business mentor. In her article "What's love got to do with your business?" she advocates that instead of asking, "How can I get more clients? How can I make more money?" entrepreneurs approach business from an expansive and loving perspective asking, "How can I serve more people? How can I add more value?"

As I read those two sentences, an idea burst inside me, and I realised that instead of just handing over money to charity, I could draw on the wisdom I'd been exploring for more than a decade, and create something wonderful that people would want to buy. This way, I could raise much more than if I'd just donated myself, or promised a percentage of Alkhemi's profits.


Alkhemi® Goodwill Projects have supported two charities in Egypt:  

ANIMAL CARE IN EGYPT was opened in July 2000 by two holiday makers, Julie Wartenburg and Kim Taylor, who were distressed by the conditions of working animals in Luxor. Julie used her own money to set up a charity to provide somewhere for working animals to have a drink and a wash, and to take a break.

ACE now has a Veterinary Hospital providing UK standard veterinary care for up to 5,000 animals per month. Many of the owners can barely afford to pay for their own medical expenses, and can certainly not afford vet's bills. This is why all services are offered free. ACE also provides an educational programme where children from Luxor schools learn how to respect and care for animals. ACE's patron is actor Martin Clunes. 

Based in Luxor, Animal Care in Egypt provides free medical care for animals, and an educational programme for school children to encourage them to respect and care for animals. ACE has a special place in my heart: in 2006, whilst living in Luxor, my husband Mahmoud and I rescued a puppy - a mischievous little scamp about 6 weeks old. We named her Boudi and I adored her. I'd never had a dog before, and wanted advice on how to care for her, so I took her to ACE who provided flea treatment, and a collar and lead free of charge. Tragically, Boudi was killed in a road accident only two weeks later. My heart was broken, but I never forgot the care and generosity shown by ACE and I am delighted to be able to repay some of their kindness and help other animals in Luxor.


LITTLE STARS, another charity working in Luxor, cares for orphaned, abandoned, disabled and disadvantaged children, regardless of gender or religion. 

In a world recession the poor are always hit hardest, and in Egypt the economy has all but collapsed. Many families 'survive' on less than £10 per month - that's much less than a dollar a day!  

There are three main areas of work: poverty relief; health; and education. In the area of poverty relief, Little Stars has an extensive food distribution programme. For health, there is a modern clinic near Qurna Hospital that cares for disabled children. And for education, Little Stars has opened a Nursery School and is creating a Training Centre to lead women and girls out of poverty. A winged Isis was chosen as the Little Stars logo because she is the protector of women and children.


Both charities were contacted and official permission obtained to raise money on their behalf.




Alkhemi®Therapy is a system of self-development and well-being created by Jacqui Taliesin El Masry over two decades using intuitive inquiry, shamanic journeying and academic research.

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