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This article appeared in the Kindred Spirit magazine Summer Special 2011


"Did you not know…? Egypt is an image of heaven. All the divine principles reside here. If the truth be told, our land is the temple of the entire cosmos."   - Corpus Hermeticum

Known in ancient times as Ta Neteru, "the land of the gods", Egypt has been a place of pilgrimage for over 5,000 years, famed for its Mystery Schools and countless sacred sites. The ancient Egyptians were guided by a sophisticated, time-honoured spiritual ideology which determined every aspect of their lives. They believed the Earth to be a physical manifestation of Heaven, a living symbol of the inner spiritual world, and as such everything was considered sacred. Human existence was understood to be a continual quest to align the physical world with its divine source. This was  accomplished by forming meaningful relationships with their deities, which they regarded as the personification of natural principles and archetypal forces. This profound and sacred approach to life was known as "the intelligence of the heart".

In December 2012 I will lead a group of spiritual travellers on a sacred journey through Egypt, concluding in a special ceremony on the Winter Solstice. We will visit some of the world's oldest and most impressive sacred sites during a unique cosmic window of opportunity, one that will not happen again for another 26,000 years! For me this will be the culmination of a personal quest, an incredible highlight in more than a decade of manifesting and teaching a healing system based on ancient Egyptian wisdom traditions. 

I first travelled to Egypt eleven years ago. I chose Egypt because two months previously I had been initiated into the First and Second Degree of a (then) little known Egyptian healing system called Sekhem. On that first visit I stayed in a small village house overlooking the Pyramids and the Sphinx, and every morning I watched them emerge from the hazy morning mist over the Giza Plateau. I was transformed by the mystery and magic of Egypt. The energies and atmosphere of such an ancient land awakened memories of personal and spiritual power deep within me. 

Since then I have immersed myself in ancient Egyptian wisdom, opening and holding a space in which the inspirations from the deities could manifest. This process has included twenty more journeys to Egypt, and living in Luxor for one year. With divine guidance, the original Sekhem healing system has evolved beyond recognition into Alkhemi®Therapy, which I named after the ancient word for Egypt, Kemet. From the signposts of my own personal journey a system emerged, a simple method that even absolute beginners can use to connect with the energies of ancient Egypt. 

There are two main principles of Alkhemi®Therapy. Firstly, it allows you to access an unlimited supply of beneficial, universal energy in a safe, simple and natural way. Secondly, it uses a pyscho-spiritual model, in which ancient Egyptian metaphysical archetypes (gods and goddesses) are associated with the major energy centres of the human bio-field (body and energy field). Working in a sacred way with the mystical principles of each deity supports the body's natural healing process, balancing and transforming any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues. In this way, Egyptian gods and goddesses are not vestiges of a remote and forgotten tradition, but active elements that live in all of us today. 

Inevitably, my passion for Egyptian wisdom has overflowed into the rest of my life. Two years ago I created a range of Alkhemi®Anointing Oils, which now includes a limited edition "2012 Harmony and Balance Oil" to help us prepare for the coming changes. There is also Alkhemi®Sacred Stones, jewellery and individual stones empowered with the energies of Alkhemi®Therapy, and as a yoga teacher I have developed several yoga sequences relating to the spiritual anatomy of ancient Egypt (Alkhemi®Yoga Fusion). And finally, all of these elements are combined in the holistic holiday company which I established with the help of my Egyptian husband, Mahmoud. 

With myself as course facilitator and Mahmoud as tour organiser, Alkhemi®Travel specialises in spiritual journeys and yoga retreats in Egypt. We offer a completely unique opportunity for the spiritual traveller to truly experience the magic and mystery of Egypt. Our Anglo-Egyptian approach means that we have the expertise to provide both a genuinely transformational journey with the opportunity for exploration, contemplation and self-realisation, combined with the local knowledge necessary for discovering hidden delights away from the tourist trail. We deliberately avoid the large international hotels which can often feel busy and impersonal. Accommodation throughout the tour has been chosen for its authenticity and its high vibrational quality, in keeping with the ethos of our vision. 

Our most popular tour, Journey Through a Sacred Landscape, lasts two weeks, starting in Luxor and ending with a special ceremony and initiation in the Great Pyramid, Cairo. This sacred journey takes us on a very specific route which I have designed to perfectly reflect the Nine Primary Energy Centres of the Alkhemi® Therapy system. So as we travel through Egypt, we make an inner journey through our own sacred landscape, connecting and integrating our own divine natures. Each centre has its own teachings, symbols and initiation at a sacred site, which has been especially chosen for its affinity with each deity. We will also utilise the Alkhemi Anointing®Oils, Akhemi®Sacred Stones, and the Nine Centres Sequence and Mudra Sequence of Alkhemi®Yoga Fusion to clear, heal and balance each centre. The teachings include Alkhemi®Therapy First Gate, for which all travellers will receive a manual and certificate.

In addition, there are visits to the Valley of the Kings, Medinet Habu Temple, Deir el Medina, Kom Ombu, Edfu, Sakkara, Luxor Museum, the Nubian Museum in Aswan, and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. For the taste and flavour of real Egypt, and to keep ourselves grounded during the high energy work we invite you to join us for a trip to the medieval souk (market) in Khan el Khalili, a felucca (traditional sailboat) trip on the Nile at sunset, a caleche (horse and carriage) ride around Luxor and evenings in the local coffee shops and restaurants.

For Winter Solstice 2012, this Journey Through a Sacred Landscape is even more significant. Teachers of all traditions agree that as we move towards the end of one great cycle and the beginning of the next, we need to align ourselves with the energies of the Earth and the Cosmos. This is important if we are to make a successful transition through this time of great change and uncertainty. All the components of the 2012 Galactic Alignment are present in the Alkhemi®Therapy model of the Human Body-field, and by working through our energy centres we move symbolically towards the Galactic Centre, a portal to the eternal source of all existence. 

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Approximately 45 centimetres beneath our feet is our Earth centre, anchoring us into our home planet. It is associated with the Egyptian Earth god Geb. We begin our journey at our base in Luxor with a Grounding initiation to the energy of Geb.

At the Root centre is the god Osiris who represents us - humanity, the divine in human form. For our Osiris initiation, we visit Abydos which has been a centre for the veneration of Osiris since the earliest times. 

On the cosmic map of Galactic Alignment, Anubis, opener of the way and guardian of the shadows, represents the Moon. The Chapel of Anubis at Hatshepsut's Mortuary Temple makes a perfect location for our initiation to Anubis at the Sacral centre.

The Winter Solstice sun rising on the horizon, is Sekhmet, the eye of Ra, lioness goddess of strength and power. She is associated with our Solar centre, and the initiation takes place in the Sekhmet Chapel in the Temple of P'tah, Karnak, where there is a bigger than life-size black granite statue of Sekhmet.

The Dark Rift, or Dark Road, is an area of interstellar dust, which runs along the Milky Way towards the central bulge of the Galactic Centre.  It is the road to the Underworld, traditionally travelled by shamans in non-ordinary states of awareness, to gain access to wisdom and knowledge. Due to its shape, some indigenous traditions see it as a serpent with an open mouth. Galactic Alignment happens when the path of the rising sun crosses the Dark Road, giving access to the Galactic Centre. This Sacred Cross is represented by Hathor, goddess of love, beauty and joy, at the Heart centre. These teachings take place on a day cruise down the Nile to the Temple of Hathor, Dendera, where we conduct our initiation to the energy of Hathor.

At the Sacred Cross we have a choice to make: do we turn to the centre towards wisdom and enlightenment, or do we turn toward the serpent, known in ancient Egypt as Ammit, "the devourer", to be caught in eternal cycles of death and rebirth? A balanced Throat centre gives us the power to speak our truth, make healthy choices and accept the consequences. It is associated with the god Djehuti (Thoth), god of learning, speech, writing, healing and wisdom. Here we have a trip into the Theban hills to the Temple of Horus on Thoth Hill.

As we move symbolically towards the Galactic Centre, the veil of illusion is drawn away and all wisdom is revealed. This is the Brow centre, or Third Eye, ruled by Isis, "she who reveals", goddess of intuition, perception and high magic. Now we travel to Aswan where we take a boat to the Island of Philae and the beautiful Temple of Isis, to hear her teachings and be initiated into her energy.

The journey is almost completed as we move upwards to the Crown centre. This is the stage of self-realisation, as Osiris and Isis are reunited to give birth to Horus, the hawk-headed god, "he who soars", symbol of self-realisation and the mastery of consciousness. An early morning flight takes us to Cairo, where we visit the Sun Temple at Abu Gharob for our initiation to the energy of Horus.

We complete the integration of the nine centres with an evening visit to the Giza plateau, and an initiation to the beautiful energy of the sky goddess Nut at the Star centre. As Horus, the spiritual warrior, we spread our wings and fly into the centre, a gigantic black hole of unimaginable power. Symbolically this is represented at the Star centre, 45 cm above our head, by the goddess Nut, the Cosmic Mother. The hieroglyph for Nut is a vase, showing that she is the empty vessel, or womb, that is the source of all creation.  

The final day is reserved for a private visit inside the Great Pyramid, where we will conduct a special ceremony and initiation in the King's Chamber. 



The Journey Through a Sacred Landscape costs £1179, not including international flights. For booking and more information visit 




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