Dance - Yoga - Energywork - Relaxation - Meditation 

Alkhemi®Yoga Fusion combines elements of holistic, flowing yoga with sacred dance and the principles of Alkhemi®Therapy. 

Alkhemi®Yoga Fusion has evolved organically and intuitively from my own spiritual and yoga  practice, as I realised that the most effective form of healing occurs when dynamic activity, intentional movement, conscious breathwork and relaxation are performed together as part of the same cycle. 

Early in 2008, a friend mentioned that she'd been taking yoga classes and I had a sudden vision of myself teaching yoga in Egypt. With the sort of synchronicites that only happen when you're aligned with your highest destiny I discovered Dru Yoga, and a few months later began the two year Dru Yoga Teacher Training course. Dru Yoga is a gentle but powerful form of yoga, based on soft, flowing movements, directed breathing and visualisation. Rooted firmly in traditional Yogic Philosophy, it embraces modern principles of health and psychology. Although I'd attended yoga classes in my teens and twenties, I was amazed by the positive impact Dru Yoga had on my fitness and stress levels. What had begun as part of my "master plan" to run spiritual holidays in Egypt quickly became a personal daily practice that kept me sane during a very challenging period of my life. I began to truly comprehend the importance of conscious movement and breathwork for optimum health and well-being.

My personal spiritual practice would best be described as Ancient Egyptian Shamanism, a personal method that I've developed over the last 15 years, which I call Alkhemi®Therapy: a system of natural healing and self-empowerment which draws on the sacred wisdom traditions of ancient Egypt. 

Gradually, my yoga practice and Alkhemi®Therapy began to blend together. This process was very natural for me - it seems that I instinctively see anything sacred through the lens of ancient Egypt!

A pivotal moment came during a dance workshop at African Drum Village (a week of African percussion and dance workshops in Scotland) in 2013. The style of dance was like nothing I'd experienced before - exuberant and ecstatic - and it reminded me of the sense of freedom I felt in my body as a child. I realised how important is is to feel that freedom in our bodies on a regular basis.


Rhythm permeates all of nature, both within and without us: from every breath we take to the lapping of waves on the seashore; from the beating of our heart to the great cycling of planets, stars and galaxies, our bodies are bathed with electrical pulsations and biorhythms. Our whole being pulses rhythmically whether we are conscious of it or not. At the centre of our being is the heart, pulsing out a steady rhythm our whole life, in fact the first rhythm we feel is the beat of our mother's heart. Rhythm is life. 

"In its sacred form, dance is a language that reunites the body, soul, and mind. Working through the body we integrate energetic information directly at the cellular level. Through dance the mind entrains with the body, and both grow increasingly more receptive to the creation songs of the greater universe."   Sacred Woman, Sacred Dance, Iris J. Stewart 


Through researching ancient and primal dance styles I discovered how dance was an important part of spiritual pratice in ancient Egypt, and there is good evidence that the ancient Egyptians practised yoga-like exercises.

"The Greeks named the system of mind/body techniques the Egyptians practised in pursuit of expanded consciousness "gymmnosophism". The disciplines they described - rhythmic breathing, visualisation, chanting to to rhythmic accompaniment - appear to be similar to many of the Yogic practices of Hinduism." 

When the Drummers Were Women, Layne Redmond


As I experimented with Shamanic Trance Dance, 5Rhythms Dance and other forms of ecstatic dance, I realised that the freedom and exhileration of this style of dance was a perfect counterbalance to the focus and intentionality of yoga. They formed two halves of a complete cycle. Every Dru Yoga class begins with 15 minutes of warm-up activations, and in my personal yoga practice I began to use elements of African, Middle Eastern and trance dance as my activations. Gradually this extended into a 30 minute section of sacred dance movements. By this time, at my students request, I was also incorporating useful energywork techniques from Alkhemi®Therapy, so in the interests of clarity I renamed my classes "Alkhemi®Yoga Fusion".

At the core of Alkhemi®Yoga Fusion is The Nine Centres Sequence, a flowing sequence which clears and balances the Nine Primary Energy Centres

Alkhemi®Yoga Fusion classes/workshops usually include the following features:

  • DANCE ACTIVATIONS: Warm-ups, followed by a sequence of energising movements inspired by sacred dance from around the world. This releases tension and fatigue, and allows the circulation and energy to flow freely.
  • THE NINE CENTRES SEQUENCE: a flowing sequence which moves through the Nine Primary Energy Centres of the body-field, releasing tension and blocked energy.
  • POSTURES AND SEQUENCES: individual postures and sequences, such as The Earth Sequence or The Sun Sequence.
  • ENERGYWORK TECHINIQUES: simple methods to aid health and well-being.  
  • RELAXATION: allows the energy which has been stimulated to anchor and settle in an optimum way to create internal balance.
  • MEDITATION: brings a heightened sense of awareness, clarity and empowerment. 


Alkhemi®Yoga Fusion can be learned in classes/workshops in the UK, one-to-one by request, or in Egypt as part of the Alkhemi®Travel tours and retreats. 



Alkhemi®Therapy is a system of self-development and well-being created by Jacqui Taliesin El Masry over two decades using intuitive inquiry, shamanic journeying and academic research.

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