Angelic Festive Open Day: Monday 27th November 2017 at Angelic in central Wakefield. I'll be offering Alkhemi®Therapy taster treatments between 6.30pm and 8.30pm: £5 for 15 minutes. And my jewellery from The SACRED STONES of Alkhemi®Therapy will be there too, including this beautiful clear quartz bracelet (empowered with the energy of Nut, the ancient Egyptian sky goddess) which will be in the raffle to help "Raise the Roof for Ruth". Come along and join us for some seasonal treats! ??






An Introduction to Meditation

Dates: Thursdays: Oct 12th, 19th, 26th and Nov 2nd, 2017

Time: 7-8pm

Price: £20 for full course 

Venue: Angelic Holistic Health and Beauty Salon 

A meditation course for beginners' in central Wakefield. This introductory course provides a safe and tranquil space in which to explore the benefits of meditation, with the emphasis on relaxation and well-being.

It comprises four one-hour sessions over four weeks. In each session we will practise simple techniques which can then be used at home. These include visualisation, mindfulness and breathwork.

Booking is essential as places are limited.  



Beulah Festival 

7th-9th July, 2017

Lime Tree Farm, Hutts Lane, Ripon, HG4 3DA.

This year I will be presenting my Alkhemi® Sacred Blue Lotus Ceremony at Beulah Festival. I created this unique ceremony after seventeen years working with the sacred archetypes of ancient Egypt.

In ancient Egypt, the blue lotus (actually a water lily) was associated with the sun god Ra, because every morning, as it received the sun's rays, it would open its blue petals to reveal a golden sunburst centre. For this reason it was venerated as a symbol of rebirth. After a glass of blue lotus petal infusion, the ceremony will take the form of a guided visualisation using myth and rhythm to connect to the spirit essence of the blue lotus.

Check out the Beulah Festival website to see what else is on offer! 





Meditation and Well-Being Group 

Thursday 22nd June, 2017: 7-8.30pm

Price: £5 

Venue: Angelic Holistic Therapy and Beauty Centre, 55, Northgate, Wakefield WF1 3BP



Beulah Festival: 26th - 29th June, 2015 

At the end of June I'll once again be at the awesome Beulah Yoga & Dance Festival where I'll be offering Alkhemi®Therapy sessions. All proceeds from the festival go to support the venue, Lime Tree Farma spiritual sanctuary and nature conservation area in North Yorkshire. As a special treat I'll be giving away an Alkhemi Sacred Stones Charm with each session. The charm is made with crystal beads representing the Nine Primary Energy Centres and the Eight Secondary Energy Centres of Alkhemi Therapy.

Check out the Beulah Festival website to see what else is on offer!


The SACRED STONES of Alkhemi®Therapy Workshop: Saturday 11th July, 2015; 11am - 2pm

Price: £27.50 (includes set of three empowered crystals)

This is a three hour workshop on the therapeutic use of crystals. Drawing on ancient and modern methods, the workshop will cover the fundamentals of Crystal Therapy, but also introduce more advanced techniques which are unique to Alkhemi®. These have been developed during the last fifteen years of my work with ancient Egyptian wisdom traditions. The price includes a full-colour handout, Certificate of Attendance for CPD and a set of three crystals which have been empowered in sacred ceremony to the Earth centre, the Star centre and the Heart centre. Together they will balance the Basic Matrix of the Human Body-field.

Venue: Angelic Holistic Therapy and Beauty Centre, 55, Northgate, Wakefield WF1 3BP  


Meditation & Stress Management Workshop: Saturday 13th August, 2015; 11am - 2pm 

Price: £20.00 

This workshop covers basic relaxation techniques, and how meditation can be used for stress-management. It will suit beginners, but also those with some experience. The price includes full-colour handout and Certificate of Attendance for CPD.

Venue: Angelic Holistic Therapy and Beauty Centre, 55, Northgate, Wakefield WF1 3BP




Alkhemi®Therapy is a system of self-development and well-being created by Jacqui Taliesin El Masry over two decades using intuitive inquiry, shamanic journeying and academic research.

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