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"Perfume as we know it could not have taken shape without alchemy, the ancient art that undertook to convert raw matter, through a series of transformations, into a perfect and purified form. Perfume straddles the line between the tangible and the intangible, the earthly and the ethereal, the real and the magic. The transcendental properties of fragrance were recognized as far back in our history as we can trace. Indeed, the earliest perfumers we know of were Egyptian priests."

Essence and Alchemy - a book of perfume, Mandy Aftel 


Ihat, priestess of the goddess Hathor, with a blue lotus flower, Sakkara 2453 BCE


Alkhemi®Anointing Oils are a totally unique range of sacred oils. They have been created to allow everyone, even those with no knowledge of energywork, to experience the transformational power of ancient Egyptian wisdom.

It is almost impossible to overstate the importance of fragrant oils, unguents (ointments) and incense in ancient Egypt, which were used even in Predynastic times (before 3010 BCE). The Pyramid Texts, the oldest religious writings in the world, speak of Seven Sacred Oils, one of which was Cedarwood. These oils were used in daily temple ritual, funerary rites, cosmetics and medicines. The deities (gods and goddesses) were said to be the most fragrant beings imaginable, and the temple statues were anointed daily with perfume. It is said that during his reign, Ramses III offered more than 16,000 jars of perfume to the gods. 

"Scents were believed to originate from the gods in the first place, to have sprung from their eyes or their bones, in particular the eye of the sun-god Re."

Sacred Luxuries, Lise Manniche


King Tutankhamun anoints his wife with perfume oil (The Golden Shrine)

Natural oils and plants were also used extensively in funerary rituals. Archeologists have estimated that when the young pharaoh Tutankhamun was mummified, "two bucketfuls" of scented oils were poured over his body. His mummified form was swathed with flower garlands of olive leaves, cornflowers and blue lotus, and was surrounded by perfume jars containing 350 litres of perfume.


Elaborately carved calcite perfume jar from Tutankhamun's burial chamber


Fragrance can have a very powerful effect on our well-being. Research has shown that we respond consciously and unconsciously to scent on all levels: physical; emotional; mental; spiritual. Some fragrances are soothing to the nervous system, whilst others stimulate the sexual centres, some have healing properties, and some activate the psychic centres.

Alkhemi®Anointing Oils have been created to be used for their therapeutic and transformative effects rather than as perfumes - although they do smell utterly divine! The ingredients have been chosen intuitively with guidance from the deities (gods and goddesses) of ancient Egypt, and empowered with the energies of Alkhemi®Therapy.

Each oil has a specific purpose, which is encapsulated in the choice of ingredients, the colour of the bottle and the sacred archetypes (deities and symbols) with which it is empowered. 

For example, the Brow Centre oil (left) carries the vibrational frequency of the goddess Isis, goddess of wisdom, high magic and sacred love. It contains the absolute oil of Blue Lotus, revered in ancient Egypt and used in ceremonies to attain higher consciousness.

Working with this oil at the Brow centre will balance intellect and intuition, stimulate sacred vision and help to draw back the veil of illusion that prevents us from perceiving the world in its truest form.                  

The essential oil component of each anointing oil is first energised by Full Moonlight and Starlight. All the oils have a base of castor oil and moringa oil, both used extensively in ancient Egypt, and all contain a small amount of authentic Egyptian perfume oil (bought in Egypt) which carries the energy imprint of thousands of years of traditional perfume making in Egypt. Only ingredients actually used in ancient Egypt have been used and 99% of ingredients are organic or wildcrafted. Having been sourced from ethical companies they are 100% cruelty free. 

Alkhemi®Anointing Oils of the Nine Primary Energy Centres


The full range of Alkhemi®Anointing Oils will be available soon at the Alkhemi® online shop: Alkhemi®Bazaar. Watch this space!




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